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Dental Care Plan in Stourbridge, Bromsgrove, & Hagley

I strive to offer you and your family the best service possible, it is for this reason that I would like to invite you to become a member on my Care Plan.

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What’s included in the Care Plan

By enrolling in our membership plan, you can enjoy the convenience of a fixed monthly fee that covers all your essential dental care. Additionally, you'll receive exclusive discounts on certain treatments and benefit from worldwide emergency cover. Having your dental care expenses taken care of eliminates the worry of unexpected costs, encouraging regular attendance and reducing the likelihood of requiring more invasive and expensive treatments in the future.

Regular dental appointments (two per year), providing:

  • Clinical examination

  • Checking for signs of oral cancer

  • Small x-rays when necessary

  • Reduced private fees compared to non-members

Worldwide Accident Benefit Scheme

Included in our membership plan is a worldwide accident and trauma benefit scheme, designed to provide financial protection against the unexpected costs of accidental damage to your teeth.

Emergency Call out Benefit Scheme

Our membership plan also offers an emergency call-out benefit scheme, providing you with access to dental care in case of emergencies, no matter where you are in the world. Giving you peace of mind during unforeseen dental situations.

Want to join the care plan?

If you are interested in joining the care plan and would like further details, please contact me using the link below.

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"I have experienced your skills over a number of years, and have found them in my experience to be of the very highest order. Your demeanour has always given me great confidence in treatments and with their follow up.

Your assisting staff too have always treated me with great respect on my visits."

- DP

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"Professional, caring treatment"

- BP

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"The procedures were carried out very professionally, with great care, and there was concern for my well being and comfort at all times"

- BP

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“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dr Worskett and his team to anyone!”

- BP

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“The treatment and the way in which it is conducted is superb!”

- DF

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