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Dental Implants in Stourbridge & Dudley

Missing teeth can be a problem for your dental health and your own personal well-being. Dental implants can be used in a variety of situations to help replace missing teeth.

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What is an implant?

The dental implants I use are made of Grade 4 (medical grade) Titanium, which is an extremely biocompatible material. When inserted into an accurately prepared position in the jawbone, a strong union forms between the implant and the bone. This begins at about two weeks following insertion, and continues to strengthen over the following months.

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Parts of an Implant


This component is visible within the oral cavity and can take the form of a crown, bridge, or denture. These restorations can be crafted from a variety of materials including porcelain, zirconia, porcelain fused to metal, metal and composite, or acrylic.


This serves as the foundation for the restoration to be securely attached. Typically constructed from titanium, abutments enable the restoration to be firmly fixed onto the implant structure.


Constructed from high-quality titanium, dental implants function as substitutes for natural tooth roots. Following a period of integration, they form a strong connection with the jawbone, ensuring remarkable stability. Although hidden within the mouth, implants serve as a sturdy base upon which all other elements of the restoration are built.

How can implants help you?

The implant acts as a replacement for the root of a tooth, providing the necessary support for a dental structure that replaces the missing tooth. This replacement structure, referred to as a restoration, can be securely attached to the implant. Depending on the individual case, either a single implant, or multiple implants, can be used to support different types of restorations.

Implants are versatile and can be used in a variety of restoration cases, including:

  • For the replacement of a single missing tooth,

  • For the replacement of multiple missing teeth in a consecutive row using a fixed bridge,

  • For the complete replacement of the upper or lower set of teeth using a fixed full-arch bridge,

  • To stabilise loose full dentures,

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Dental Implant Patient Journey

Every dental implant journey commences with an initial consultation that typically lasts around one hour. During this consultation, we will delve into your case history in detail. In all likelihood, we will recommend a CBCT scan, which is a three-dimensional x-ray providing us with a comprehensive view of your jaw anatomy and bone structure. This scan is crucial for a thorough assessment and meticulous treatment planning, as successful dental implant treatment heavily relies on the planning stages.

Throughout the consultation, we will carefully review your case, evaluate various treatment options, and discuss associated costs. If necessary, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to further discuss the available choices. There will be no additional charge for this second appointment.

Once you confirm your decision, we will send you a written report and treatment proposal via post or email. Additionally, we will arrange the necessary treatment appointments to begin your dental implant journey.

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Single Tooth implants

A single tooth dental implant serves as a highly effective solution for replacing a single missing tooth in any area of the mouth. Depending on the specific circumstances, the implant can be placed either at the same time as the tooth extraction or at a later stage. Once the implant has been successfully positioned, a custom-made crown restoration is meticulously crafted to securely fit on top, effectively filling the gap left by the missing tooth.

In situations where the bone structure is sufficiently robust, a temporary crown may be immediately placed. However, there are cases where a temporary false tooth replacement is needed as an interim measure. The final crown, made from durable porcelain material, is then securely attached a few months later to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Multiple Tooth implants

More than one missing tooth can result in a larger gap in your mouth. Not only can this affect your appearance when you smile, but it can also cause difficulty when eating or speaking.

When multiple teeth need to be replaced, a restoration known as a bridge is utilised. The number of implants necessary to support the bridge depends on the size of the space, the number of teeth being replaced, and the condition of the jawbone. During your consultation, we will evaluate your specific case and discuss the appropriate options tailored to your needs. This will help determine the number of implants required and ensure the best course of action for achieving optimal results.

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Same day teeth - with GuidedSMILE

If you are missing all of your teeth and you are looking for an alternative solution to dentures, then a full arch bridge on dental implants may be the right choice for you.

If you have only a few failing teeth remaining and want to avoid dentures altogether, then a full arch implant supported bridge may be the best solution.

In both cases, GuidedSMILE can be a predictable, effective, and life-changing treatment approach to provide an immediate fixed full-arch bridge solution. This is similar to other same-day treatments, sometimes called Teeth-in-a-day, All-on-4, same-day-smile etc. But Guided SMILE has several advantages.

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What is Guided Smile?

Guided Smile is a new, revolutionary system that delivers same day teeth – a completely new smile in one day. Several implants are placed, and a full arch bridge is fitted, all in 1 shorter appointment, than conventional treatments.

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What is different about Guided Smile?

GuidedSmile utilises computer-guided planning and manufacturing techniques, which are a departure from conventional same-day treatments involving manual implant placement and on-site bridge fabrication. This advanced technology is only available to a select few clinicians. It’s patent-protected status sets it apart, as it is not commonly practiced by most dentists.

Why Guided

Thanks to the advanced planning technology and precise manufacturing process, the treatment is highly accurate and predictable. This results in shorter appointment times and fewer visits to the dental practice, saving you valuable time and reducing the number of trips to the practice. Additionally, the experience is less stressful and more reassuring for you as the patient, with outstanding outcomes and high levels of patient satisfaction.

Denture stabilisation

In situations where all teeth are missing, conventional dentures have traditionally been a common solution. However, they often present challenges such as instability, discomfort, and self-consciousness. Dental implants offer a superior alternative by providing an implant-retained bridge that closely mimics the look and feel of natural teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, which contribute to bone deterioration, an implant-supported bridge or denture helps preserve the integrity of the jawbone.

By integrating with the jawbone and replacing some of the tooth root, implants promote optimal bone health and provide a more stable and long-lasting solution. The number of implants required may vary.

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In Summary

Implants provide a stable base for replacing missing teeth, offering superior stability compared to dentures. They provide a natural look and feel, making them the preferred option for tooth replacement.

Additionally, dental implants support the surrounding bone, preserving facial bone volume and preventing the sunken face appearance often associated with dentures.

With success rates of over 90% in long-term studies, dental implants are highly effective and long-lasting. However, regular dental care and hygiene treatments are crucial to maintaining their longevity and minimising gum problems and deterioration of the tooth restoration.

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