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Multiple Dental Implants

If you have multiple missing teeth, utilising multiple dental implants can restore your smile.

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What are multiple dental implants?

There are several options available to replace multiple missing or damaged teeth, but none have the benefits of implant retained restorations.

Dental implants are recognised as the superior choice for replacing damaged or missing teeth, thanks to the remarkable progress in dental technology. They not only provide a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also offer greater predictability and comfort compared to other options.

Implants are versatile and can be used in a variety of restoration cases, including:

  • For the replacement of a single missing tooth,

  • For the replacement of multiple missing teeth in a consecutive row using a fixed bridge,

  • For the complete replacement of the upper or lower set of teeth using a fixed full-arch bridge,

  • To stabilise loose full dentures,

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The Importance of filling the gap

Replacing multiple missing back teeth, especially molars, is of utmost importance. While dental implants are an excellent option for restoring your smile and appearance when front teeth are missing, their significance extends to the function and overall health of your mouth.

Molars play a vital role in chewing and distributing bite force, protecting the front teeth from excessive pressure. When molars are lost, the front teeth bear the brunt of chewing, which they are not ideally designed for. This added strain can result in potential damage and long-term problems.

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Benefits of Multiple Dental Implants

Implant-supported teeth offer comparable strength and function to natural teeth for chewing and biting. Unlike some other options, implant bridges don't require grinding down existing teeth.

Multiple tooth implants can support natural-looking restorations. Implants also preserve jawbone by preventing bone loss and maintain the position of adjacent teeth, preventing drifting.

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Your Treatment Options

If you have multiple missing teeth, there are two options to consider; Individual implants, which can replace each missing tooth. Or if the missing teeth are adjacent, multiple implants can be joined together with a bridge restoration. The latter option can be a more cost-effective solution for replacing multiple teeth with implants.

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The alternatives to Multiple Implants

Conventional bridges often involve grinding down adjacent teeth, which can weaken them and result in complications such as tooth death, abscesses, or fractures. These bridges also have a limited lifespan, typically lasting 10-15 years and requiring costly replacements. In cases where supporting teeth are damaged or weakened, bridge replacement may not be possible.

Dental implants provide a long-term fixed solution, lasting a lifetime with proper maintenance. Unlike bridges, implants eliminate the need for adjacent tooth preparation.

Implant-supported bridges restore proper chewing and biting function, promoting a healthier diet and enhancing overall health and quality of life.

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